Sustainable School


William Ruthven Primary School


Early in the year five of our Year 5 and 6 students were invited to attend a Student Environmental Activity day for Northern Schools.  They came back from this day determined to help to make our school a Sustainable School.  These same students were to become our school's first ever Environmental Leaders.


Our school joined the Resource Smart AussiVIC Program which sets out a process to achieve  5 Star Accreditation for schools.  In 2013 we have been working to achieve the requirements for the CORE Module.  Students and staff have been reviewing our current practices and collecting information in areas such as waste management (How much rubbish is being generated?), energy consumption (How much electricity and gas are we using?), bio-diversity (How many plants and what types have we got in our school grounds?), water usage (How much water do we use and what is it used for?),and the curriculum (What is being taught in our school about Sustainability?).


As well students from 5/6B have been undertaking what are called Student Initiated Projects



Worm Farming

Vegetable Growing

Water Conservation

Shade Tree Planting

Recycling Paper and Cardboard

Recycling plastics, metal and glass

Recycling Printer Cartridges

Composting of Food Scraps

"Nude Food" Wednesdays

Energy Conservation



Grade 3/4 students have begun to plant a woodland garden and have been collecting data on our school's bio-diversity.



We have been successful in gaining funding for 2014 to undertake the ENERGY Module.


As well in 2014 we will be working on some of the requirements of the BIO-DIVERSITY Module through working with the Gould League in a Gardens Project.