WRPS Sustainable School Vision


At William Ruthven Primary School we value sustainability where students, parents, staff and our community engage in practices which protect and encourage the growth of knowledge about and for the protection of our world's natural environment.


We achieve this through implementing the 4 "R's".

We think global and act local.


Sustainability at our school is:



                        Everyone to have ownership and be responsible

                        To understand the reasons for sustainability

                        To accept this responsibility and care for our shared environment

                        Understanding that actions today will affect future generations.


Sustainability at our school is educating and involving the school community to take responsibility and ownership of looking after our 'natural' diverse environment.


Our school works together to understand and improve sustainability in day-to-day operations, curriculum and community. We reduce our impact on the Earth in order to produce a clean, safe and healthy environment and preserve resources for future generations.